CI 49 – Investing in Distressed Assets with American Home Recovery Fund’s Marc Gold

Marc Gold, American Home Recovery FundMarc is the founding partner and managing director of both the American Home Recovery Fund and NoteWerx, the note portfolio management cloud ware.

Marc brings over 20 years of senior management and transactional experience in the paper business of mortgage banking and real estate. Marc co-founded American Home Recovery Fund, a multi-million dollar private equity multi-fund, whose primary mission is to purchase NPLs and modify the current borrowers. With the expansion and success of the fund’s business, AHRF developed their own note portfolio management platform, but when it became clear that their software filled a huge void in the note space, NoteWerx was born and turned into its own business channel.

Marc also serves as president of American Home Veterans, a non-profit organization in formation to convert distressed housing assets into donation homes and provides sustainable housing for our nation’s disabled veterans.

Key Takeaways:

[2:08] The American Home Recovery Fund aims to keep people in their homes, but doesn’t shy away from buying distressed assets.

[5:03] Why investors who used to be specialists are now starting to invest in new territory

[7:33] Why banks giving out mortgages, then promptly selling them

[9:32] Why the housing collapse didn’t make the banks get their act together when it comes to lending

[11:34] What’s still available out there for investors?

[15:02] Middle America has great deals still available

[17:49] Where Marc sees the overall market trending

[19:24] The impact of Dodd-Frank revisions on Marc’s business

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