CI 82 – Fighting Back Against the Big Banks to Improve Our Lending Environment with Jordan Goodman

Jordan Goodman,America’s Money Answers Man is back again to talk with Jason about what is going on in the financial world today. The two tackle subjects like higher interest rates, fighting the big banks, investing to protect yourself, and areas of the US that are still ripe for the picking.

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Why rate hikes are good for banks, bad for consumers

[4:33] Why is there a disparity between higher rates on borrowing versus the rate on savings

[6:57] What SHOULD have happened in 2008 when the bailouts happened

[8:30] One way the ordinary person can fight back against the big banks

[12:20] The new way that things are changing for banks to harm consumers

[16:00] The kinds of projects Jordan does with his commercial investing funds

[18:03] Why oil and gas might be a good place to invest to protect yourself, if done properly

[22:00] What Jordan expects for the nation under Trump moving forward

[25:49] The “emerging market” of midwest USA


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