CI 99 – Selling Yourself to the Seller

Investment Counselor and Local Market Specialist Liaison, Carrie joins Jason Hartman to see if he can correctly predict the effect the rise in interest rates will have on the US economy. Jason reminds us the Feds don’t directly impact mortgage rates but by directly impacting short-term rates all rates will be affected. For those of you who have income properties, the higher interest rates will put upward pressure on rents. And if you are looking for additional properties, be sure to get pre-approved for financing before the Oklahoma Property Tour and JHU Live event.

Key Takeaways:

[03:53] What does the spike in interest rates mean for investors?

[10:07] Higher interest rates will put upward pressure on rents and lessen the concentration of wealth.

[14:17] Local Market Specialists and Investment Counselors are always working in the client’s best interest.

[23:41] It’s important to get pre-approved for financing in today’s seller’s market.

[25:10] Jason hints about the location for the next Venture Alliance Mastermind.


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