Commercial Real Estate Marketing for the Internet Age

CI - Jason Hartman Rental Property InvestingWhat marketing approach are you taking with your commercial real estate investing business? Knowing the difference between inbound and outbound marketing could be the difference between financial survival and implosion. Today is your lucky day, because if your marketing efforts are confined to the outbound variety, you must be living in 1979. We’ve got a new thing these days called the Internet…

Inbound Marketing
Basically what we’re talking about is another way to say content marketing. Under this approach, a company reaches out through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, eNewsletter, whitepapers, SEO, and social media marketing. There are other examples, but you should get the idea. Inbound marketing EARNS the attention of customers by supplying helpful (hopefully) information that makes the potential consumer want to learn more. They begin interacting with the company that supplied the information and, voila, suddenly you have a true believer.

Outbound Marketing
Outbound marketing could be characterized as the “old” way of doing business. It’s traditional advertising methods like cold-calling, direct mail, radio, television, sales flyers, spam, telemarketing, and more. The basic difference is that, with outbound marketing, you’re buying attention rather than earning it. Not only do you likely wind up spending a heck of a lot more money, you might have to earn the attention of the same customer time after time.

Need some red hot tips on how to kick your inbound marketing program into high gear?

Website Design: You have about three seconds to grab an Internet browser (figuratively) by the throat and attract their attention enough to get them to stay. Bottom line: no boring, confusing websites with stale content!

Blogging: Maybe you love blogging and maybe you hate it. Trust us when we say it’s more than
good exercise for your fingers. Blogging is a great chance to become a thought leader in your field and helps solidify the relationship between you and customer.

Webinars: The thought of putting on a webinar might strike fear into the heart of a seasoned businessman or businesswoman but these things work. A free webinar loaded with educational information and that keeps the “sales pitch” to a minimum can make you more of a real person to your customers. What’s that giant cha-ching sound? The cash register, of course.

Last but not least, you’ve heard the phrase content is king? There’s no way around it. Jason Hartman has been saying for a while that content IS king and the sooner you accept that truism, the sooner you’ll get your marketing efforts out of 1979 and into the modern age of inbound marketing. (Image: Flickr | dorineruter)

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Social Media: New Version of an Old Idea

CI - Jason Hartman Rental Property InvestingA five-year old article posted at made us here at the Commercial Investing Center stop and scratch our collective heads. The author (Mitch Joel) decided to turn conventional wisdom around and look at the slow benefits of engaging in social media. The very thought of removing your foot from the marketing accelerator probably caused a good many of you to throw up in your mouth a little just now. For those still reading, let’s take a moment to appreciate how media like Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and podcasting might yield more results when approached at the pace of the tortoise rather than the hare.

Here’s the idea.

You can start a blog or podcast in a matter of minutes. A Twitter or Facebook account can be opened just as quickly. All could be considered a license to shout at the world. The problem lies in how to get the world to listen. In the words of Mr. Joel: “It takes time to build your content, find your voice, develop a community and earn trust and respect.”
That’s pretty powerful marketing stuff there. Maybe we should consider the entire spectrum of social media as simply a new line of tools to get the job done. There never has been and never will be a substitute for doing the grunt work of establishing relationships with people. Sure, you can throw a podcast up and sit back waiting for your cash register to start ringing up the sales but you are unlikely to be rewarded so quickly.

Try putting your nose to the grindstone and cranking out a dozen shows, then a hundred, then a few hundred. The momentum of a growing archive of content should not be underestimated. Joel mentioned in his blog that Chris Anderson, editor of, said over half of all the website’s sizable traffic was to the archives. This means that at least half the people are not stumbling here and there in search of the latest, most fascinating news tidbit about Kim Kardashian. On the contrary, they’re seeking out nuggets of gold from the mountain of information.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the first to post the latest and greatest but don’t forget the value of that slowly churning marketing machine that you’re building over time. Over the past few years, Jason Hartman, founder of, has produced more than 300 podcasts and almost 2,000 blog entries at his flagship website These days, that content is an invaluable asset. What’s to stop you from creating something similar? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. What are you waiting for? (Top image: Flickr | wwarby)

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