$200-400 Immediate Monthly Cash Flow in Atlanta

Can you count on a nice, regular $200-400 monthly cash flow from your Wall Street portfolio? With the recent dearth of dividend-paying companies on the stock exchange, the odds are low you’re enjoying periodic payments from that quarter. Not so with the income investing market in real estate. In specific geographic pockets around the country, super investor Jason Hartman is showing regular investors like you how to turn tenant generated cash flow into reliable income in towns like Atlanta.

What’s so great about Atlanta?

  1. Property prices are LOW
  2. Tenant rents are HIGH
  3. Interest rates are at an all-time LOW

We’re living in unprecedented times, folks. The opportunity for everyday people to realize their dreams of creating wealth through real estate investing has never been better. The ongoing housing crisis has created the perfect storm for potential investors to buy properties at deeply discounted prices. That’s not hype. It’s simply the reality of the world right now. Yes, plenty of people are hurting because of the foreclosure mess, but does that mean the rest of us should sit on the sideline and refuse to buy houses? We hate it for their misfortune, but life goes on.

Find out how turnkey investment properties in Atlanta can create instant $200-400 per month on the Atlanta Wealth Building Bus Tour. Here’s how it works. For the modest price of $197 you can join Jason Hartman September 28-30, 2012, at the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta. That price covers most meals, a good enough deal all by itself, but the real value is the bus tour of the city, led by Jason himself, which shows you fully renovated and leased turnkey properties priced well below market value.
In addition to the bus tour, Jason and a team of local market specialists will present the gritty details about real estate investing. Some of the topics to be covered are:

  • Property Analysis and Acquisition
  • Financing Options
  • Asset Protection and Estate Planning
  • Property Management
  • And much more…

This is a “no gimmicks or upsells” event. Jason’s team is there for one thing only – to teach you how to invest in income generating properties, and then show you some of the best opportunities on the planet to get started.

The Commercial Investing Center Team