America’s Favorite Places to Move in 2012

It’s official. We know what we’re talking about – at least when it comes to helping property investors decide where they should be looking to acquire new properties for their portfolios. And if you’re coming late to the income property party, you’re in luck. It’s not too late to potentially crank your profitability much higher than what Wall Street can dream of offering.

It seems that America is beginning to figure out that the markets we’ve been recommending to income property investors for years are being discovered by the public at large as pretty nice places to live also. Call it confirmation that we’re doing something right with our Platinum Properties Investor Network (PPIN) recommendations.

According to U.S. Census data, more than 36 million Americans pulled up roots and moved somewhere else during 2012. Not surprisingly, warmer climates continue to be a major draw. Penske Truck Rental, a global transportation provider listed the top ten destinations for the year, and they include Sarasota and Orlando (FL), Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Atlanta.

Obviously, a few of the cities – Denver and Chicago – fall outside anyone but an Eskimo’s definition of “warm,” but the rest we can work with. In fact, if you visit Jason Hartman’s website at and scroll down through the markets we currently recommend, you’ll see Houston, Charlotte, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix. That’s six out of the ten destinations that are listed as a current “buy” for income property investors.

The fact that millions of people saw fit to relocate to these various areas during the past year can only bode well for the continued return on investment for those who choose to buy properties there. The math is not complicated. Besides a pleasant climate, people move where there are jobs, good schools, and a better quality of life.

One of our favorite areas to buy right now is Texas, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis, where the median home price is a paltry $61,000. That’s just a little over $12,000 down payment to get in on the action. As you or may not realize, Texas is also a landlord friendly state. It only takes about a month to evict a tenant, which is not bad when compared to places like the Socialist Republic of California, where you can expect a good six month fight to get a non-payer out of one of your units.

While there are few guarantees in life or investing, targeting one of these ten areas for the next addition to your real estate portfolio would not be a bad idea. In fact, it just might turn out to be the best move you ever made. (Top image: Flickr | roger 4336)

The Commercial Investing Center Team