CIC 282: Housing Collapse or Boom? Ken McElroy

You don’t need a booming housing industry to make money, just a good strategy. Ken poses the question, when the dust settles, which businesses will still be standing, and where will the concentration of people be? Jason Hartman predicts a strain on the housing supply in the not-so-distant future as he postulates that few will be incentivized to get rid of a home loan with such historically low-interest rates.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] How much has life changed in the recent 10, 20 years?

[3:30] The tech companies are likely to be broken up.

[5:00] You can make money in any environment if you adjust your strategy.

[10:00] Ken’s tips on how to find deals and evaluate them.

[16:40] Definite move from retail to housing.

[22:00] There is obvious truth of an asset shortage – as in bidding against 45 other buyers.

[31:10] City/State revenue comes from Taxpayers. There is a potential for cities to file bankruptcy.

[37:45] The bubble ‘should’ve popped’ already, but ‘they’ can keep kicking the can down the road.

[41:25] “I still think there is going to be a crash; it’s just being propped up with money which is going to create inflation.” -McElroy

[43:20] Jason predicts a future strain on housing supply because of so many home purchases with historically the lowest interest rates ever.