Do You Share These 3 Characteristics With Donald Trump?

Mobile Home Park ListingsGranted, there are perhaps many more than three characteristics the majority of Americans are thankful they do not share with The Donald: hair style, chipmunk cheeks, and spousal plastic surgery bills being some of the more obvious. But there are three solid personal characteristics that helped propel Donald Trump to the heights of commercial investment fame, notwithstanding the fact that bankruptcy filings from his corporations are not uncommon. The truth is that everyone’s favorite boss knows how to protect his personal assets no matter what’s going on with a particular business.

So let’s get to it. What are three characteristics that helped make the man such a well known commercial investor?

1. Willingness to Learn from Mistakes: Successful property investors take the time to learn about each property and local market conditions. Furthermore, they are always searching for a way to improve the deal, to make it more profitable. Yes, mistakes will undoubtedly be made along the way. The secret to eventual success is to learn what you did wrong and never make the same mistake twice.

2. Kick Down the Walls Attitude: Most people come to a screeching halt when an obstacle presents itself. They give up with a sigh and whimper, convinced that what they set out to do simply cannot be done. Though we don’t know the guy personally, we’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that Donald Trump doesn’t take “no” well. It pays to develop a “can do” attitude and view obstacles as simply a problem to be overcome by the proper application of will.

3. Like People: Some investors never figure out that the real estate business is all about people. Networking and connections are where the deals come from. Be likable, create trust and watch the number of people who want to do business with you soar.

Obviously, the topic of how to become a successful commercial real estate investor can’t be summarized in a single blog post but you can’t go wrong by beginning the process of incorporating these three personal characteristics into your own investing life. We’re not promising you’ll reach the Trumposphere because very few people ever tread there but where’s the harm in aiming for it and maybe even higher? Even falling short could leave you with a very sweet life.

The MHP Listings Team

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