Fifty Bucks for a Second Opinion on a Property Deal

You’re about to sink hundreds of thousands, maybe even more than a million, dollars into a property deal. You’ve done your research, burned the midnight oil, and are PRETTY sure it’s a good decision. How much would you pay for a professional, unbiased, experienced second opinion? Five hundred dollars? A thousand? Depending upon the size of the check you’re planning on writing to close the deal, a trusted second opinion could be worth several thousand dollars, but Jason Hartman is prepared to offer you one for exactly $50 – no more and no less.

Jason calls it the Deal Evaluator. It was created because our clients demanded it, and the best part is you can order it online and have the results back by the next business day. We’ll tell you up front that the Deal Evaluator is not the most exhaustive analysis on the planet but it is a second opinion from proven experts who have been completing profitable real estate deals every day for many years.

We call it a “quickie” evaluation but that term is not completely fair to the product. It just so happens that we can offer a quick turnaround on your order after running it through our four-step process to see how it stacks up against four of our deal requirements.

1. Is it logical from an Area Agnostic point of view? Jason invented the term to describe the idea of how to diversify your real estate portfolio holdings. Just like it’s a bad idea to load your stock portfolio completely with one company, real estate investors need to spread their risk between different geographical areas.

2. Does it violate any of the 10 Commandments of Successful Investing? Jason created these basic rules that govern all forms of investment. Your Deal Evaluator expert will run your potential deal through this wringer as well.

3. Does it make financial sense from day one? It has been our experience that a bad deal doesn’t normally turn good. Any property you buy needs to make financial sense from the moment you sign on the bottom line.

4. Is the deal structured right? Among other things, we’re looking for a fixed-rate of interest and long mortgage terms. You want to be in the land of positive cash flow from the get go, right?

To learn more about and order Deal Evaluator, visit Jason Hartman’s website.

The Commercial Investing Team