I Was A Self Storage Drag Queen

self storageWhile trolling the forums we sometimes come across self storage facility situations that make us go, “Hmm, what would I do?” We relay the following to you not in the interests if tawdry sensationalism – well, actually that’s exactly what it is. Whilst reading, keep in mind that what looks normal in Key West, FL, might seem jaw-droppingly odd in Ames, IA. The point to focus on here is the legality of the situation.

A member of Self Storage Talk recently related a situation that was making some of his customers, shall we say, uncomfortable. Apparently another tenant was using his storage unit as a base for cross dressing. Yep, you heard right. Dude went into the unit dressed like a man, closes the door, and emerged a few minutes later as a woman. Worse, according to the poster, the dude/lady was “Quite ugly as a woman.” Well, that cinches it. Unless you’re going to be a hot drag queen, there’s simply no tolerance given.

The only reason (allegedly) the self storage facility owner was concerned was that two of his other customers had seen the transformation a few times and were threatening to leave. So should the owner come down on Harry/Harriet about his choice of attire? We would suggest no, though this might be a great time to seek legal counsel before finding yourself looking up at a lawsuit.

The issue to consider is that most self storage leases explicitly define that the units are for storage only. You can’t live in them, run a business out of them, and probably not use it as a dressing room. When you talk to the dude, you might consider leaving the fact that he goes in one way and comes out another completely out of the conversation. Just mention that it has come to your attention he has been changing clothes regularly in the unit and that must stop.

On the flip side, better he change inside than outside, right?

The MHP Listings Team


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