Inside Self Storage Expo 2011 Lands in Vegas

self storage expoSelf storage owners and wannabes sharpen up your pencils and elbows as you get ready to head for Las Vegas, Nevada, 2011 home of the grandest self storage event of them all. Why pencils? You’re going to take notes, aren’t you? After all, the industry’s leading experts will be there. Elbows? Gotta slice through that crowd at the end of the day to bull your way to the front of the buffet line, right? March 14-16, 2011 are the dates to block off on your calendar, as Inside Self Storage hosts this massive industry event at the Paris Hotel and Resort.

The ISS Expo is the leading conference, trade show, and educational event for self storage owners, facility managers, developers, investors, and suppliers. With 30 seminars, four workshops, and an almost unlimited capacity for peer-to-peer networking, the expo is probably the best event in the world for anyone connected with the self storage business to sharpen their chops, hone their knowledge, and, don’t forget, it’s Vegas baby! Okay, serious now. Whether a beginning or seasoned investor, there are a few very good reasons to consider making the 2011 World Expo part of your 2011 plans. No, we’re pretty sure that roulette and blackjack are not legitimate business expenses.

Progressive Education
The real estate industry is constantly evolving and the self storage niche is no different. With an intense focus on up-to-date critical business information, the learning opportunities at the Expo are almost limitless for the anyone interested in earning a living from self storage investing.

Industry Experts
Gain up close and personal access to self storage experts, people like Tom Litton, manager of more than 150 facilities in 11 states, and, Brad North, of Advantage Business Consulting & Management, who manages more than 1 million feet of self storage space. If it’s happened in the industry, there’s a good chance they’ve seen it more than once and can help you learn how to deal with it.

Latest Products and Services
Don’t forget there’s a trade-show included in the 2011 Expo, which will be attended by such diverse companies as builders, suppliers; plus there will be specialized industry applications from computer software, insurance, security lighting, and more. A whole lot more. You can visit the official Expo website HERE to see them all.

Ever been to Paris? The Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris Hotel stands 469 tall, half the 984 foot height of the real thing which, we admit, is fairly impressive, and we’d like to hear back from those of you with the temerity to take a gander at the surrounding desert from the top of the edifice.

The MHP Listings Team

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