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Mobile Home Park ListingsOur Mobile Home Park Listings website recently underwent a renovation to make all our resources even easier to access for anyone interested in investing in apartment complexes, self storage facilities, or mobile home parks. For years, these three twists on what the general public often consider to be “traditional” income property investment have flown somewhat under the radar, but all can turn a nice profit when the deal is chosen carefully and financed correctly.

In addition to the informative blog you’re reading, Mobile Home Park Listings provides a free listing service for mobile home park, apartment, or self storage owners to let the world know their property is for sale. The listing process is quite simple. Follow the “Click Here to List Your Property” button on the home page. Fill in your contact information, property details, and upload pictures if you want (we highly encourage pictures; they increase the odds of sales).

We’ll review your details quickly and get back to you if we need any further information. If you notice the sidebar on our home page, prospective buyers can browse properties by location and contact us if they’re interested in talking to the owner. We’ll send their contact information on to you. At no point in the process is there any charge for the property listing.

As the owner and CEO of Mobile Home Park Listings, Jason Hartman’s livelihood and passion is the real estate industry. At the core of everything he believes, and which, incidentally, he directly attributes to creating a multi-million dollar fortune before turning 30, is the critical idea of continuing education. It doesn’t have to be in a classroom or any sort of organized undertaking; it could be as simple as checking out a book from the library. The point is that a brain left to find its own way frequently ends up on the couch in front of the television with a bag of chips, watching Two and a Half Men. We wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone.

So please – read the blog, ponder the financial possibilities, and never, never stop learning.

The MHPListings Team

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