Local Marketing for Your Mobile Home Park

mobile home parkIf you have vacancies in your mobile home park, it’s time to get serious about local marketing via the internet. Marketing to the world is easy but doesn’t exactly make sense with your business. Chances are, you’re not going to convince that family in Nairobi searching for a rental to relocate to your mobile home park in French Lick, Indiana. So how do you figure out where local people are hanging out on the world wide web?

1. Build a website you control. Waiting for a webmaster to update text, photos, and offers does not qualify as an efficient use of your time. The WordPress blogging platform is very easy to learn, even for newbies, and so powerful. Plus it’s free if you’re hawking your own product/business.

2. Google Maps can be extremely effective for drawing local searches to your mobile home park website. Check out http://Google.com/places to learn more.

3. Basic SEO. Regardless of what the internet marketing gurus say, search engine optimization doesn’t require an advanced degree in physics. Basic tweaks which you can easily learn and implement are all that is necessary. The free course at BumMarketingMethod.com will teach you all you need to know.

4. Put offers on your website. Local renters in search of a mobile home park space quickly become deadened to the look-alike, sound-alike websites out there. Differentiate your business by splashing a time limited offer on the front page. Give the casual surfer a reason to do business with you right now!

5. Offer something for free in return for their email address. An email list might be your most valuable business asset because it allows you to market to potential customers again and again – until they finally give in and buy.

This is not the final word on local SEO but at least gives you a starting point to incorporate internet marketing into your business approach. After all, you have to go where the people are and, no matter where you live, today people hang out on the internet.

The MHPListings Team


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