Luxury Mobile Home or Garbage Truck?

luxury mobile homeIf it has been your lifelong dream to convert that old garbage truck in the back yard to a luxury mobile home before anyone else had the idea – too late. It’s been done now. This portable living pad is not screaming with extra space but could do in a pinch. Actually, a bachelor or bachelorette would do just fine. Or else a family of short people.

Then we go on to find out that the myth-busting website Snopes claims the vehicle was never a garbage truck but, instead, a TerraCross home on wheels manufactured by Unicat for off-roading in the comfort of your own home. Sort of a cross between an RV and off-road vehicle. C’mon, it’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?

The TerraCross comes with an office, beds, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and storage space. And it’s pretty classy digs to boot. Below is a quote from the company’s promo literature

“The ideal vehicle to make your dream of a world trip come true!

This machine combines the rugged “go-anywhere” off-road capabilities of the MAN 6 X 6 with the comforts of living at home. Safe 2 years of design, construction and testing. Built to the exacting standards of the world-class UNICAT engineering team, this “Home on Wheels” is ready for your immediate occupancy. You do not need to be an experienced expedition traveler.”

Follow this link to see pictures of the Garbage Mahal.

To be fair, you don’t need to be a midget either. Due to the marvels of modern pneumatics, the sides and roof can be raised for living and lowered for travel. Truthfully, this has nothing to do with mobile home park or self storage investing – but ain’t it cool?

The MHP Listings Team

Flickr / Seattle Municipal Archives