Make Income Property Investing a Family Affair

The Commercial Investing ShowMost of us get to experience those genuine “Eureka!” moments sometimes. Perhaps only every great once in a while but the day you stumbled across the idea of income property investing was, hopefully, one of those moments. Remember when it all clicked and you realized that income property investing was vastly superior to anything Wall Street had to offer? Even before that, you likely had an inkling that all those guys who were into real estate were onto something, it just seemed like learning enough to ever get started was daunting.

But now you understand. You’re excited, motivated, and ready to get busy with turning the rest of your life into the kind of financial independence of which you previously only dreamed. There’s just one tiny little problem: the spouse isn’t quite as excited about the whole idea as you are. What then? Can any sort of marital bliss remain if each party has a diametrically opposed opinion as to how wealth should be created?

Sir, or madam, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Our first advice is to not get bombastic and try to shout down objections. That never works. What you need to do is bide your time and undertake a secretive project of education. After all, the first time you were exposed to the idea of income property investing probably raised more questions and concerns than high hopes.

Try this. Make sure that when you spouse is around, the Commercial Investing Show or Creating Wealth Show ( is playing on your computer. Subscribe to an appropriate income property magazine. Guide the conversation around the topic and drop little dollops of education in his/her ear. An old marketing concept is that it takes seven times exposures to a sales message before the customer begins to seriously consider buying.

It should go without saying that you have to get the spouse on your side about the property investing strategy, because we’re pretty sure that there is at least one thing worse than being poor and that’s being divorced and poor.

Good luck!

The Commercial Investing Center Team

Commercial Investing Show

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