Marketing Your Property With Elbow Grease

CommercialInvesting Center.comDo you feel short on ideas when it comes to marketing your property and end up doing the same few things over and over? Break out of your comfort zone and try something new like a few of the following every day. Bet you’ll have your property rented in no time.

  • Put signs in the yard with large, readable phone numbers. Use some of these key phrases: for sale, flexible seller, motivated seller, zero down.
  • Keep the landscaping looking great.
  • Paint the mail box and set it on the pole straight.
  • Clean the driveway daily.
  • Add color with fresh flowers and mulch.
  • Replace front light fixtures if they’re looking ratty or don’t work.
  • Paint the front door – repair if needed.
  • Spruce up the house numbers.
  • Make the house smell like apple cinnamon. That smells sells. It’s just the fact.
  • Make the first impression upon entering a good one.
  • Play soft music in the background.
  • Brighten the inside of the house.
  • Clean, clean, clean, especially the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Put a tube on your yard sign with flyers (and keep the tube full).
  • Take good pictures inside and out.
  • List for sale or lease on MLS with pictures.
  • Run “for sale” ads in newspaper with the same key phrases from your sign.
  • Run “for lease” ads in newspaper also. Make sure ads get listed online.
  • Get an 800 number.
  • Run long term rent-to-own ads in local tabloids like Penny Saver.
  • Get good contact info and take good notes when calls come in.
  • Post ads on free real estate listing sites.
  • Offer friends, family, and neighbors a “finder’s fee” if they locate a tenant.
  • Put flyers up around the neighborhood (also with the finder’s fee info).
  • Have an open house every other week. Invite realtors and have a sit down lunch.
  • Create a website for the property.
  • List it on eBay.

If you use all these approaches when marketing your property, eventually one of them is going to work, and staying busy is a heck of a lot more fun than sitting around sulking, right? Do our fearless Commercial Investing Center readers have additional creative property marketing tips to add to the mix? Comment below and let us know about them.

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