NASDAQ Reports Strengthening Real Estate Sector

NASDAQ has reported a strengthening atmosphere in the U.S. real estate corner. This is despite the still high unemployment rates, as well as the volatile European crisis.

Highlights of the report included:

· As the Greek and European crisis is managed, the global climate is slowly being stabilized.

· There are promising low-interest rate lenders that will extend offers up until 2014. This hints that now’s the time to buy.

· The first half of this year’s REIT index estimates an average of 16.11% returns in the overall market

What can we gathered from this news briefing? It means that while banks shell out low rates of interest to qualified investors, it’s the opportune time to down pay and watch as dividends are increased. Year after year, investors can watch the seeds of their investments grow into an unshakeable root of wealth.

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As depicted in the podcast, there’s a huge window of opportunity open to pick from branches of multi-family homes, plexes, even mobile home parks. These properties show prospects of higher than average returns to even the novice investor.

The Great Recession may have deterred investors over the last years, but those who stuck it out and found hidden opportunities to market are now receiving high yields as we speak. In a nutshell, real estate, and especially real estate that houses individuals and their families, will always be in demand.

The plurality of multiplex homes also makes these investments more profitable than single family homes.

Investing in real estate isn’t so much of a bet either. Rather than crossing your fingers at the beginning of an investment, investors should scrutinize every angle before signing and sealing the deal.

Nevertheless, an avid investor won’t over think either, as doing this may mean giving the opportunity to another buyer. The Commercial Investing Center features many listings that can be pre-screened based on property backgrounds, which are largely available on the internet.

So think fast, but think hard. Make a checklist of must-haves for investment properties way ahead of time. These checklist can include the year built, the location of the property, its proximity to areas of interest, etc.

By doing so, investors can put their money to work for them, without worry of loss. (Top image: Flickr |Giveawayboy)

The Commercial Investing Center Team