Self-Storage Investing Benefits from Foreclosures

self storage investingSelf-storage investing, already an excellent choice for your investment dollar, finds itself in an even bigger boom as the foreclosure crisis continues to unfold nationwide. Homeowners newly turned out from Main Street onto Rental Street need a place to put all their stuff during this transitional period. What’s bad for them is good for the self-storage unit industry.

Remember the idea of universal demand – food, water, shelter? Well, the idea of shelter’s not going away just because homeowners are now renters. Self-storage investing is simply another way to play into universal demand. Lately, articles on the topic pop up with more frequency but the truth is that self-storage investing has been hot for 30 years, albeit slightly under the radar to the average investor.

No less authorities than Warren Buffett and Robert Kiyosaki have sung the praises of this type of profit play and Inc. magazine recently mentioned self-storage investing as one of the best industries in which to start a business right now. With short sale opportunities running rampant in the commercial real estate market also, the barrier of entry to purchasing a self-storage property is quite moderate. Best of all, no tenants, toilets, or trash. What could be better?

If there is one thing modern society teaches us, it’s that consumers are not going to quite buying stuff any time soon – in most cases – more than they can easily lug around when they find their life suddenly downsized via foreclosure. The eternal business concept of finding the traffic and stepping in front of it still works great!

The Mobile Home Listings Team

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