Self Storage Owner: Got A Website?

self storage ownerAre you a self storage owner without a website? Better change that, pronto. Don’t kid yourself and think that this particular industry allows you to ignore the fact that the Internet exists and blithely go on your way marketing like you were in 1910. Well, actually, you can do that, and you might even be profitable but why not take advantage of the low hanging fruit?

It’s true that a certain percentage of people in the market for a storage unit will head straight for the Yellow Pages. Nothing wrong with keeping a listing there. It will probably pay dividends. But with each passing year, a larger percentage of prospective customers will head straight for the Internet. As a self storage owner, you don’t want to automatically exclude them because you were too lazy or intimidated by technology to put up a website, do you?

Didn’t think so.

In fact, the whole process might be easier than you imagine. Powerful (and free) blogging software like WordPress allows even a self storage owner web newbie to create a professional looking website in a few hours. Or if you want to give your local web design company some business, make that phone call and do even less work. The key is to just get busy with it. Realize you do need a website because we are in the midst of the most radical communication revolution since the Gutenberg Press.

We can almost guarantee that your competitors’ have websites and are developing email lists as we speak. Why email lists? Because you should be sending out regular blasts to your current customers with interesting content about your business, the industry in general, AND a subtle message reminding them to send their friends and enemies your way who are in need of self storage.

The MHP Listings Team

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