The Mobile Home Investing Secret

mobile home investingIf you haven’t figured it out by now, mobile home investing is about renting dirt on land that radically appreciates over time, all the while banking monthly cash flow. If you’re fully invested in the stock market, it might be better if you stopped reading right now. The multi-layered profit model of mobile home park and self-storage unit investing has been known to cause chronic depression in mutual fund holders. We’re just saying…this is good stuff. Now might be a good time to start considering how to slide some of that money away from Wall Street and put on your grown up investor pants.

Let’s dig down to the guts of it. The average mobile home park is not small, right? 10, 20 acres; some are even as large as 50. That’s a bunch of land sitting there gaining intrinsic value as the years go by. There are many reason for this, too lengthy to delve into at present. Let’s just say it all comes down to universal need and the increasing scarcity of a finite commodity – they’re not making more land. So even if you just bought a big 20 acre chunk of vacant land and waited ten years you’d be doing all right.

Here’s where mobile home investing gets good. Instead of just sitting there watching the grass grow on your land, waiting for it appreciate, what if you had nice little rows of mobile homes sitting on lots rented out to tenants? Remember, you’re only renting the lots – the dirt – and it’s creating a nice cash flow for you on top of the natural land appreciation. Think of mobile home investing as a land play with incredible benefits.

And how do people get rich in America? Land!

The Mobile Home Park Listings Team

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