Top Reasons to Invest in Self-Storage

Investing in self storage facilities is one path to self sufficiency – where finances are concerned. It offers something of value to consumers, namely: a place to store their personal property.

Forbes recently dubbed this investment sector as “A Place To Put Your Stuff And Pick Up Some Yield”

There’s also a Chinese proverb that says opportunities exist in a crisis. In light of this, many investors have seen opportunities in self storage during the economic downturn.

Though many individuals perceived the last couple of years as a struggle, investors saw many advantages for increased self storage leases due to:

  1. Evictions
  2. Abandonment
  3. Foreclosures

These unfortunate scenarios left millions scrambling to save what was left of their belongings. Belongings include furniture, equipment, appliances, things of value – all items that took years of sacrifice to acquire.

Fast forward to the present day where the pace of foreclosures has slowed a wee bit, but the storage units are still high in demand. Why?

It’s considered a safe haven for investors, particularly because we live in a state of consumer culture.

People are always buying.

The demand for self storage is further exacerbated by the lifestyle that most people aim for. As individuals become more educated and/or earn higher salaries, this allows for more disposable income to purchase RVs, boats, jet skis, etc. With zoning restrictions to park these items at a residence, self storage facilities come in handy for this target market also.

The point is: there’s a lot of under-served markets to cater to when it comes to self storage. These include:

  • People who are moving from place to place, either due to job relocation or downsizing
  • Middle class folks who acquire items for leisure, but don’t have room enough to store them
  • Business owners storing stock or inventory for resale

For new to self-storage investors, there are several business models from which to adopt. These include:

  • Franchising from already established business names
  • Delegating management to an independent firm
  • Technology-run self-storages that manage payments from kiosks
  • Constructing the facility from the ground up for resale or lease
  • Buying prefabricated units from direct manufacturers

Another good reason to invest in self storage is that the market is not as saturated with competition – as with other commercial real estate markets.

What does the future hold for the self storage real estate market? Jason Hartman advises that rather than taking news briefings at face value, you should dig below the surface. Investors should do field work to see the benefits themselves:

Interest rates are at an all time low

The market is not fully saturated

Opportunities exist for all to take advantage of. There’s enough room under the sun for investors who are currently interested in this niche. And remember also, opportunities only last for so long – so grab it while there’s still room available. (Top image: Flickr | Anika Malone)

The Commercial Investing Center Team