What Does Commercial Investing Have To Do With YouTube?

CI - Jason Hartman Rental Property InvestingDoes a commercial property investor need to know a thing or two about video podcasting? In Jason Hartman’s opinion, it couldn’t hurt. These days, anyone who wants to sell something (like empty office space) will likely head to the internet eventually, where audio and video podcasting are exploding in popularity.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video? If so, you’re one of the 800 million unique users to visit that website each month. That’s a lot of eyeballs watching a lot of video. For perspective, more video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than has been produced in the entire 60-year-history of network television.

The big-point here is, for the less entrepreneur-minded spirits who might not have gleaned it immediately, that YouTube offers the opportunity to create your own TV channel at no cost.

Consider the following:

1. No bandwidth headaches because you don’t even have to host the videos. Simply upload them to YouTube then embed links on your website or social media outlets.

2. No format worries. Perhaps the single largest obstacle to video producers is finding a format that works well on a majority of computer systems. YouTube converts all video uploaded into a format that can be watched on any computer (almost).

There are a few things we know for sure. First, the battle to get people to pay attention to your message has never more daunting. Blogs, social media, podcasts, television, radio, newspapers…the term information overload comes to mind. Second, people like to watch video. It makes sense that your battle for recognition should contain a video component, right? All together now, “Right!”

And even though the internet has made everyone a publisher, it doesn’t necessarily follow that everyone is a good publisher. In fact, much of the information overload out there smells worse than a herd of skunks breaking wind in a pig pen. All it takes to make a dent into the public consciousness is something with quality. Tell a good story with video and prepare to step aside so as not to get crushed in the onslaught of raving fans.

Big point here. Blurry video, poor audio, harsh lighting, kindergarten graphics (unless you’re a kindergartener), shaky camera technique (don’t try to replicate the Bourne movie cuts unless you’re a PRO), and a weak message will not do much to help your case.

With video cameras and editing software getting cheaper by the minute, the time has never been better exercise your inner Spielberg. You may not create the next Jaws or ET, but here’s betting you can create more positive exposure for your products or services. (Image: Flickr | Racum)

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